Q: Do you sell internationally?
A: As of right now, Lionhearte only sells within the U.S. and Canada. (Currently, orders for stickers and 4x6 posters are allowed for purchase in Canada). Please be patient as I figure out shipping for other countries, thank you~!

Q: What if I want to place an order but I am not in the U.S. or Canada?
A: Please send me a message through email or Instagram and I will assist as much as I can!

Q: Where can I put my stickers?
A: Anywhere you want! I find them on laptops, water bottles, consoles, scrapbooks, sketchbooks, desks, and more! All of my vinyl stickers are waterproof NOT WEATHERPROOF. Only a couple of designs are weatherproof but I am working on getting all designs to be UV resistant!

Q: I haven't received my order. What can I do?
A: Please wait patiently as the postal service may take a few extra days, or check the tracking on the order if you selected tracking during your purchase. However, if you suspect it has been too long and your item has been lost, by all means, please contact me via Instagram or email!

Q: I have an issue with my order, can I get a refund?
A: Unfortunately, I do not accept refunds on a typical basis. All sales are final. However, if your order is incorrect or if there are any issues in regards to the item(s) purchased, please contact me via Instagram or email and I can help to the best of my ability.

Not finding an answer to your question? Head towards the Contact page to message me. I typically respond within the day or a couple business days.

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